Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kitchen Gadget Shopping Spree

Over the weekend I went on a mini shopping at my local Robin’s Kitchen store. It was completely unintentional. I wanted a mini whisk and knew Robin’s Kitchen was having a sale so thought I would try my luck (I did have a look in the local Big W store as well but they had none so I was forced to go elsewhere).

As soon I entered the shop I was greeted by the lovely saleswoman who advised me that there was a 20% off sale occurring in store on EVERYTHING including SALE ITEMS and LAYBY was available as well. I was in BIG trouble. Immediately a list of items I needed went running through my mind. First item, some digital scales. I have been umm-ing and aah-ing about getting new scales for months for two reasons 1) my old scales, given to me by my Mum taken by me off my Mum, still work fine and 2) do I really need new scales just because I want red ones to match the rest of my kitchen gadgets?  Reason two won in the end and I couldn't say no with a sale on. 

I had a good look around the shop twice and picked up items as I went including the mini whisk I originally wanted, a bigger measuring jug than I have at home (plus I thought it was a good idea to have a nicer one that looks better in photos), a mini flour sifter, perfect for icing sugar as well, and the piece de resistance (and something I have wanted for a million years) – an ice cream machine. Anyone who knows me will tell you I have been talking about getting one for a loooong time, and very seriously talking about it every other week since Christmas 2011.

I love kitchen gadgets, I won’t deny it, and an ice cream machine is just one of those gadgets I don’t have and need want. And let’s be honest, all the items I purchased can be used to make ice cream – measuring cups and jugs and scales for the ingredients, mini whisk to whisk the ingredients (OK not the simmer mat but it’s useful for other things). I’m not a big layby-er but I did layby all these items partially because I didn’t want to admit to DH that I finally succumbed to my need want and bought an ice cream machine, which I did confess to him later that afternoon, partially because I couldn't contain my excitement. 

I can’t wait to test it out, I’m thinking a simple vanilla ice cream to ease me into the process will be my first experiment.

Do you have an ice cream machine, or a shameful kitchen gadget obsession like me?

All the items I bought (except the mini flour sifter, couldn't find a pic of that) through Robin's Kitchen
My mini shopping spree items

ARIS Simmer Mat

threehats silicone mini whisk

Cuisinart 2L Ice Cream Machine

Marinex Measuring Jug 1000ml

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