Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Magazines & Masterchef 2012

Look what landed in my hands – June Issue of Super Food Ideas magazine with a luscious looking layered chocolate caramel self-saucing pudding on the cover, Australian Good Food magazine bursting with pot pie recipes, perfect for the impending Winter ahead. Also on the cover delectable churros and chocolate delights.

And lastly, one of my favourite food magazines, Masterchef, begging me to try one of their ultimate cheesecakes, a dish I've never attempted before. This magazine is even more exciting when Masterchef Australia is airing on Channel 10 because you can try the recipes the contestants cook, which are not always available online. I have to say that I’m a bit obsessed with Masterchef. I watch the show, I record the show and even keep some episodes, especially the masterclass ones, and I have every magazine since its inception in May 2010. Each month I get the latest edition, I read it from cover to cover, ear marking the recipes I want to try and lucky for me, with this blog, I now have even more motivation to try them all.

Do you have a favourite magazine?

Masterchef Magazine, Super Food Idea & Australian Good Food magazine
This year’s Masterchef is about encouraging contestants to let their passion for cooking shine through. I think that’s a great theme. All the contestants are everyday people, very talented everyday people, but normal nonetheless. Do you have a favourite Masterchef contestant? I really liked Kevin but unfortunately he was eliminated last week. I'm waiting for a shining star to lure me in with their consistently good recipes.

The great thing about this show, and other cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules, is the inspiration they give viewers to cook and experiment for themselves. So far, I have a list of recipes I will definitely be trying in the near future and I can’t wait for more great recipes to emerge as the weeks progress.

On my to-do list:
Audra’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart, recipe here
Audra's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart. Photo courtesy of Masterchef

Kevin’s Cider Can Chicken, recipe here   

Kevin's Cider Can Chicken. Photo courtesy of Masterchef

Peter Gilmore’s Eight Texture Layer Cake, recipe here
Peter Gilmore's Eight-Texture Layer Cake. Photo courtesy of Masterchef
I can’t wait to try these three recipes, especially Peter Gilmore’s cake. Hopefully it will take me less time than the contestants in the elimination round, who had about 3 hours to complete it. Have you tried any Masterchef recipes?

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