Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have been tossing up for awhile whether or not to start a blog but after reading dozens of blogs a week I couldn’t resist any longer. I try to read through my favourite blogs every day, which is sometimes impossible, especially when I find new blogs to read which ends up being click after click through different websites, a truly an inspirational journey at times. I love the feeling of discovering a new blog I’ve never read. Trawling through blogs is like a mini job but I love it. It’s from these other blogs that I get my inspiration to try new things. They cover a variety of topics from cooking and baking, to fashion and interior design. I’m not a really fussy blog reader but I do like regular blog updates to keep me inspired.

Hand in hand with my blog reading is my cookbook reading. I tell myself every weekend I will not buy more cookbooks but I always end up with more, not to mention my overflowing folder full of printouts and ripped recipes from magazines. And there’s another thing, I love food magazines, especially Donna Hay and Masterchef. Which leads me to TV shows – Masterchef Australia is a must see program in my house (and is recorded every night through Foxtel IQ just in case I miss it for some reason).

Enough of that thought train, what will I be blogging about? Anything that tickles my fancy – cooking, baking, fashion and maybe some interior design as well, but I will try to stick with what I know best. I will share with you my triumphs and my failures, my amateur photography skills and my luscious culinary creations.

I will keep my first post short and sweet – hopefully that way you will come back for more. I have a few ideas for my next post and I can’t wait to share them.

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  1. Love this new site, it's so easy to read and love the simple step by step cooking instructions. can't wait for the next installment