Monday, July 23, 2012

Breakfast Post: Simple Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

My husband is a shift worker so there are some nights I make him breakfast ready for the next day. One of the most simple things he can have is bacon and eggs. They're not hard to make, and probably not an overly interesting blog topic but sometimes the simplest meals are the best (and my husband seemed to liked my eggs a lot).

When I was at uni I worked part time at a local cafe (where I used to frequent as a customer every week before that)! Part of my duties became cooking and come Sunday, everyone wanted bacon and eggs. I've never met someone that doesn't like bacon and eggs.

What you will need:
4 - 6 Rashers organic Bacon, rind removed, cut in half
3 eggs
¼ Cup Milk
1 tespoon Butter
Salt and Pepper

Cook the bacon first because it will take the longest. Heat a large frypan over medium heat. You won't need any sort of oil because the oil from the bacon fat will be plenty (trust me).
Place the bacon strips in the frypan. The bacon will start to spit as the fat melts into the pan, and you may want to turn the heat down to low. make sure children are out of the kitchen because you don't want them getting spat on my bacon. 

Bacon frying
I turn my bacon over a few times in the bacon to get the desired crispness, especially with those big round pieces because as they cook they start to bubble up (see bacon top left below).
Frying bacon
Place cooked bacon on a plate lined with towelling paper so the excess fat drips off. The bacon will still keeping cooking on the plate until the fat has drained off. 
Draining bacon
Now on to the eggs. You can cook the eggs towards the end of the bacon being cooked.

Lightly whisk the eggs, milk, salt and pepper together (just enough to give it a little flavour, don't forget the bacon can be very salty). 
Whisked eggs
Heat a small frypan over medium heat. Melt the butter in the pan and put the eggs in. Don't start spooning the eggs around until they start to bubble, similar to an omelette.
Bubbling eggs
Gently chop a spatula through the eggs, and give them a mix around the frypan.
Half cooked eggs
The eggs will cook very quickly and dependign on how runny you like them, you may want to turn the heat off and continue cooking them.
Eggs are completed
Serve bacon and eggs with toast (not pictured) 

Simple Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
Traditionally, my Dad and I always eat our scrambled eggs with lashings of paprika. It's gives the eggs another flavour entirely and is simply delicious. Do you have a favourite scrambled egg accompaniment?

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  1. I add paprika in my eggs too...they add a nice kck to the flavors! Hehe

  2. It's the best thing with eggs Cakewhiz.